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See the Torrance Civic Chorale in Concert!

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

We have many exciting events in the works this year from community performances and events to our two big concerts in the Armstrong Theater on December 16 and April 22 (8 pm). Additional shows include: the Torrance Memorial Holiday Festival on December 3 (11 am), Torrance Women's Club performance on December 7, the Friendship Festival celebrating Torrance's sister city, Kashiwa, Japan, on February 18 (7 pm), and more!

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2 commentaires

05 oct. 2022

So great to sing in harmony with fellow TCC singers. That special sound can not come about from a soloist, only from voices blending as one voice. TCC has reached that plateau.

06 oct. 2022
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A gift to the city

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