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Sheet Music/Info

Members of the Chorale are issued music at the start of each session (original/hard-copies) and pay a $25 which is returned when they leave the group. Music files here are to be used by choir members that want to use a PDF version to upload to their i-Pads or other devices. Video or audio files are linked to some titles (click). Songs are updated each term. Because music is purchased by the City of Torrance for the use of the choir, only current members may have access to the "Members Only" site where you can download music. Multiple sets of all of this music was purchased by the Torrance Civic Chorale.

Black Folder Order Link

Set-List For "Broadway in Torrance" 4-22-23 

Roster (Spring, 2023)

(Will be E-mailed to current members)

 Practice Links

Star Spangled Banner

S    A    T    B

Gonna Build A Mountain

S   A   T   B

Wicked Choral Highlights

S   A   T   B

Not While I'm Around

S   A   T   B

Into the Woods

S   A   T   B  Solos

Westside Story Medley

S   A   T   B

Pink Sugar

In the Heights Medley (CS)

S  A  T  B   Solos

Phantom of the Opera Medley

S   A   T   B

The Sound of Music

S   A   T   B

The Family Madrigal

S   A   T   B

Les Miserables Medley

S   A   T   B

You Can’t Stop The Beat

Regular  S   A  T   B

Slower    S   A  T   B

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